Euclide 0.6.5 has been released!

A new version of Euclide has been released, since the end of 2011. It includes many bug fixes, new constructions, and a new toolbar, that make it much easier to create geometric constructions !

Among new features:

The last version can be downloaded from this page. As always, do not hesitate to send feedbacks.

Older news...

What is Euclide ?

Euclide is a dynamic geometry software, which tries to be as flexible as possible. You start by placing some free points, then you create objects using these points: lines, circles, line segment, circle arcs... each new figure can in turn be used to compose new shapes. By moving the points placed at the beginning, one can observe the evolution of the figure. An example is given below.

Example of use of Euclide

The software is still largely in development, and many functions are not yet implemented.


In the actual version, Euclide allows following actions:

A more complete list of features is given in the corresponding page. Information on how to use the software can be found at the documentation page.

How to get it ?

The best is to use the download page of the project hosted on sourceforge.

You can get more information at the installation page.

How to get help ?

The first place to check is the documentation page. If this does dot suffice, please ask a question in one of the forums.