Euclide software history

Euclide 0.6.5 released!

A new version of Euclide has been released, since the end of 2011. It includes many bug fixes, new constructions, and a new toolbar, that make it much easier to create geometric constructions !

Among new features:

Euclide 0.6.1 released (13/02/2010)

Euclide 0.6.1 has just been released (13/02/2010). You can download the latest release of the software.

This version is mainly a bug-fix release. It brings improvement in drawing styles management, a better support of file reading and writing, the possibility to perform operations on measures, and some cosmetic changes in the grapical interface.

Complete list of changes is given in file changelog.txt.

Euclide 0.6.0 released (10/09/2009)

The main new feature of this release is the basic support for macros. User can now define a macro by selecting several shape inputs and an output shape, and repeat the processing for different inputs.

Moreover, the display has been improved, by using new version of the underlying geometric library javaGeom.

Euclide 0.5.3 released (04/08/2009)

This version fixes several bugs, and enhance the GUI. Among new features :

This should be the last of the 0.5.x versions.

Euclide 0.5.2 released (24/04/2009)

New features:

Euclide 0.5.1 released (22/12/2008)

Euclide 0.5.1 has been releeased. Amoung new features:

Older versions...

Euclide is quite an old project. I'm not involved with very high activity, but I keep interest in making it better over the years. Here is a summary of the main steps:

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